lost points at rowrah

rowrah 2015 2



Rowrah, NKF round 5

Good day testing on Saturday which put the curse on us for sunday. !

Heat 1 was wet and we started p17, not great off the line but up to 4th by lap 2 and going well until being
Loaded into quarry ,dropping  down and finishing p7 , heat 2 was a mad rush to change to Slicks at the last minute
Starting p8 we had a dreadful start bogging on the line ,
A first corner incident drooped us to p19 , a very spirited drive back up to
P7 again . Heat 3 we were off p6 , bogged at the start again
And dropped back a bit but quickly came through the field to finish. P2

This gave us p3 for the final

After the worst start possible
The kart bogging down again
We dropped to about 5 th in the first lap , the leader was gone on lap one, Matty chased down 2 nd place
James and caught him from a long way back but did not manage go get past so. P3 it was  !
Decent points , up to second in the championship with 3 rounds to go.
Big thanks to persistence and well done to all the team drivers